The Internet: The Future Of Farming

As the world population grows day by day (and minute by minute) and the demand for food increases alongside it, food production must also keep up. The Green Revolution revolutionized agricultural processes, enabling farmers to triple their output, thus staving off an epidemic of hunger across the world. While food shortage is no longer the number one problem on the agenda, it still remains a threat, looming over the horizon. Thus, technology has become the solution. Today, farming is an integration of technology and nature. The internet is one of those technologies. Here are some other ways in which the internet helps farmers keep up with the global demand for food:

Connects Demand with SupplyIf a farmer is looking for dorper sheep for sale in order to replenish his/her stock, they have to look no further than the first on the list of search results on the internet. The internet provides a convenient way for farmers and others in the industry to connect and conduct transactions. This eliminates precious time by immediately putting in touch a buyer with a seller and vice versa. It gets rid of commissions, brokers, and other middle men. There is increased efficiency and ease because the internet today also allows online payments and therefore, vendors and customers, both inside and outside the industry, can easily conduct their business.

Updates everyone’s KnowledgeGone are the days when the farmer could quote a lot of bogus nutritional and other technical details at a customer and get away with it; also gone are the days when a farmer stuck to age old practices out of sheer ignorance. Both of these and other such situations have been eliminated by the internet which is a gateway to knowledge and information. Anyone can search for specific topics and find out details about the products they buy, the things they invest in etc. Farmers can update their knowledge about new agricultural practices, read journal articles about scientific research that can improve their harvest or find out where the best tractors for sale are to be found.

Discussion Forums and SupportOne of the main benefits of the internet is improved communication across the world. While farmers in different countries did unionize before the advent of the internet, it has become even easier for groups to organize themselves and communicate over long distances thanks to internet forums where farmers can not only air grievances but also share knowledge. Not all individuals have access to or are privileged enough to understand academic research; knowledge sharing and making experimental techniques open source are a good way of helping each other out and improving farming as a whole.