How To Open An Automobile Repair Shop


If you have an inborn love for cars and skill at fixing them, then opening up a car repair shop may be the ideal choice of career path for you. Most individuals with cars that are at least ten years old will have a need for auto mechanic repairs and it is a growing and competitive market with the rising demand. Starting your own repair shop will give flexibility of the work hours and allow you to have full control over the benefits and operations of owning and managing your own business. Find out below some basic first steps to consider when opening up an automobile repair shop.

Scope of Your Business

Draw up a detailed business plan highlighting the scope of the business that is including the number of customers you will be serving to what scale you will be serving them. In terms of the operations that will be taking place, some key questions are to find out how many services you will serve per day and how many employees you will have. Usually, a repair shop will also have its own inventory of parts such as extra tires, bilstein shocks in Australia, oils and coolants to name a few. It is important to identify your unique selling proposition in your plan in order to understand what you offer that no other shops are able to provide.


The location of the business is an important factor for a repair shop as the number of customers will depend on the location. For example; a place close to a highway or main road will get more business than one that is isolated in the middle of nowhere. It is also convenient for you to tow vehicles closer to the city as well as get supplies such as poly air bag suspension kits when needed from leading online supplier.

Equipment’s Needed

The pricing of the various equipment needed will depend on your scope and the location. You can rent out the larger more specialized machinery or buy them outright depending on how your financial situation is.


A chunk of the cost is likely to go for the rent or buying of a location. The rest will be on the equipments and machinery, any insurance, employee salaries and other overheads of the business. Be prepared to invest a fairly large capital to opening up a repair shop. This depends on your location and budget in hand so in the initial stages of planning, make sure to clearly determine your budget and find out the necessary costs that will incur at the start of the business.